Ralstonian Math Dissed

ALEC – the American Legislative Exchange Council – has released a new study that completely discounts the Ralstonian math oft cited by socialists who want more government and less private sector.

Here’s the complete study, and here are some important highlights:

Bigger government damages a state’s economy.
Nevada’s tax structure is generally good for the economy because it offloads a good chunk of the cost of running government onto tourists and companies who cater to tourists (who merely pass their tax burden onto their tourist customers).
Nevada ranks medium …

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Money Quote of the Week

Congressional Democrats (along with their Presidents and President candidates)

“rushing to impose unilateral cap-and-trade burdens on the sagging U.S. economy, looks increasingly like someone who bought a closetful of platform shoes and bell-bottom slacks just as disco was dying.“

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Inevitable Consequence Of Planning To Increase Spending While Revenue Is Falling

The National Conference of State Legislatures has issued a reminder to Nevada’s Legislature: if you plan to increase spending during a time when revenue is falling, especially when all other states are trimming spending in line with revenue, you will end up with the largest budget gap amongst American States.

No doubt the Confused Wing of Nevada’s political and press corps will again complain that we need to raise taxes in Nevada, rather than do what all the other states are doing (which is reducing spending …

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New Report Has California Left Advocating Even Higher Taxes

So-called “progressives” are fond of rebuking critics of their fascist ideas by suggesting they are all wealthy people or their advocates, complaining that they don’t want to pay more taxes. And of course, the mainstream media generally trots right along, since it is dominated by “progressives.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, understand that you cannot tax wealthy people, business owners, or businesses. Their positions of success gives them the ability to shift the cost of higher taxes onto others – either their employees (by not granting …

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Sometimes Media Bias Shines Like The Sun…

Mazzeo poses in front of her attorney's collection of… WHAT?

Law enforcement has thoroughly investigated and dismissed the claims by part-time cocktail waitress Chrissy Mazzeo (warning: the link goes to boudoir photos of Mazzeo that she is publishing on the internet to further boost her career) that Governor Gibbons hit on her, thus causing her concern for her welfare.

So why is the Las Vegas Sun reporting the story again today, complete with a six month old photo misleadingly presented as current?

The best part was …

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UNR Budget Cut Prompts Reno Newspaper’s Wild Exaggeration

The Reno Gazette Journal’s headline shouts: “UNR Eliminates 279 Jobs” but of course they are lying. If you read deep within Lenita Powers’ article, you’ll find the truth:

UNR paid 37 people extra to retire who wanted to retire anyway (1% of the workforce)
UNR didn’t extend the contracts of 37 employees (1.2% of the workforce) for whom there was no obligation to extend the contracts
The other 211 “employees”, were either not actually employees (just new people UNR hoped it might be able to hire) or …

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Faux Draught Foes Drowned Out

A cynic might say the head of the Southern Nevada Water Authority has engineered a big rise in the water levels of reservoirs upstream from Lake Mead in order to preserve the appearance of extended draught for short-sighted Las Vegans. Her motive would be to create public support for her environmentally- and taxpayer-destructive plan to drain water basins hundreds of miles north of Las Vegas, which would allow her to spend billions of construction dollars and collect political patronage like iron filings to a magnet.

Here’s …

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Could This Happen In Nevada?

Giant school districts sometimes make poor choices. Such is the case in this report from MSNBC on how a school district – just four slots larger than the Clark County School District on the list of America’s most giant school districts – is paying over 700 teachers to not do any work. Paying them in full, with full benefits, summers off, the whole nine years.

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Nevada Economy

Here’s the first quarter “Nevada Economy In Brief” published by the Nevada Employment Security Department.

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The War On Short Yellows

The trend for governments to install red-light traffic cameras – which automatically write tickets to cars that are in an intersection when the light turns red – then shorten up the length of the yellow light seems to be generating a backlash.

It may be all about jacking up fine monies to the governments, but it’s about fair play to the public. The Wall Street Journal reports on the trend…

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