More Private Sector Job Losses

Two more Nevada businesses closed down yesterday… Desert Dodge, Security Bank. Yet Legislative leaders still want to raise taxes.

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Great Article On Southern Nevada Water

Never mind that for the second year in a row, snowpack feeding the upper Colorado River is over 100% of normal, Bloomberg News has penned a comprehensive article about water drought in the Southwestern United States. It’s the first mention in the mainstream media of the immense wealth held by the Southern Nevada Water Authority:

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is about halfway through a 30-year, $8.3 billion construction campaign. Last year, 57 percent of the money for it came from a $6,310 fee to hook …

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Raining Californians Again

The eight states north and east of California are preparing themselves for new record levels of fleeing Californians.

In response to having spent all of their substantial take from taxpayers, a coalition of 76 Democrats and 6 Republicans today passed a $13-billion tax hike. Nevada political pundits jealously coveted the plan’s “stable tax structure.”

The tax hikes include a full percent increase in sales tax, increasing the state income tax to 14%, and doubling car registration fees. The tax hike packages is about 65% the size of …

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Nevada’s Stimulus Projects

Stimulus Watch has built a website that details each state’s “stimulus” projects. Nevada’s totals $1.5-billion, not including the Peidtrain.

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The “End New Mortgage Lending In Nevada Act”?

Nevada Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley today unveiled a plan that could curtail new mortgage lending in Nevada for many years to come – by empowering people who don’t pay their bills to cheat the people from whom they’ve borrowed out of their money. Read about it here.

It’s already tough for a working person to get a mortgage, with some lenders requiring 30% down. This doesn’t seem like a government action that will reassure lenders their money will be safe, and may induce them to increase …

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Washington Hands Us A Bucket

I cannot more highly recommend this graphic, from the Washington Post.

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Heeeerrrrreeee’s Todd!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Internet…

Todd Taxpayer.

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Short Tempers So Soon?

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Bill Raggio has taken Assemblyman Ed Goedhart to task over Goedhart’s failing to support the Raggio’s tax hike agenda, saying he should be more straightforward.

A closed mind will not help us reach the compromises that, whether you accept it or not, are part of the legislative process.

In the future, if you want to give me a message or talk with me, be a man…

Raggio won a GOP primary against Sharron Angle last year on his promise to not raise …

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Washington Policy Laid Bare

Many of us have feared this for many years.

And here it is.

It’s in a letter from the Congressional Budget Office to Wyoming Senator Judd Gregg, and it makes clear that the federal government plans to take from the working (actually, the grandchildren of the working, since we’re talking deficit spending) and give to the “underemployed.”

A dollar’s worth of a temporary tax cut would have a smaller effect on GDP than a dollar’s worth of direct purchases or transfers, because a significant share of the tax …

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Government Unions Distort Facts in RJ Ad

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This Sunday, page 5B of the Review Journal was a full-page ad, paid for by a consortium of local government unions apparently stung by the growing public awareness of how they pillage taxpayers. Bear in mind – no actual government workers were involved in the ad, just the government unions.

The five highest-paid Chamber employees are compared with two high-paid (not highest) government employees and three average pay figures.

The ad pitches more money and benefits for government union members by suggesting …

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