Government Unions Distort Facts in RJ Ad

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This Sunday, page 5B of the Review Journal was a full-page ad, paid for by a consortium of local government unions apparently stung by the growing public awareness of how they pillage taxpayers. Bear in mind – no actual government workers were involved in the ad, just the government unions.

The five highest-paid Chamber employees are compared with two high-paid (not highest) government employees and three average pay figures.

The ad pitches more money and benefits for government union members by suggesting …

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SAGE Commission: Employee Costs Exorbitant

Nevada Taxpayers could save more than a half-billion over the next five years by adjusting retirement and benefit costs closer to those of the private sector, according to a bi-partisan efficiency panel appointed by Governor Jim Gibbons..

The Nevada Spending and Government Efficiency Commission said in a new report that the salaries paid to state workers are similar to equivalent positions in the private sector. Commission Chairman Bruce James said, however, that the insurance and retirement benefits offered to state employees “exceeded the Nevada private sector …

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Pension Gap Getting Larger

Here’s an article in USA Today about the growing gap between government and non-government pension costs and benefits.

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Promises With A Price

The Pew Charitable Trust has published a research report titled “Promises With A Price.” This report compiles and analyzes the staggering costs taxpayers are going to have to pay in order to keep the heavy retirement promises that our politicians have made to our government employees, but have not saved enough money to fund. It is important reading for all citizens.

Nevada’s pension funding level is below the norm for the 50 states, and it faces a fairly significant liability for non-pension benefits. These costs, principally …

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Pension Plans

This article from the Pension Rights Center is an ongoing list of employers who have reduced their “defined benefit” retirement plans.

“Defined benefit” plans promise to pay out retirement benefits regardless of the plan’s ability to pay – a promise for tomorrow that few employers keep today. Nevada’s government offers this kind of plan to its employees. Under PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) employees will get from 50% to 75% of their highest three years salary upon retirement, depending on how many years they actually worked.

“Defined …

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