2011 Legislative Summary

Veteran journalist Ed Vogel wraps up the 2011 Nevada Legislative Session.

Vogel notes “Nevada delivered a balanced budget while taxes stayed the same” but can’t fail to note that both candidates for Nevada Governor last year promised that they would not renew taxes scheduled to automatically expire. The promise – which appears to have been what most Nevadans wanted, if the polls that drove the major candidates’ campaigns were right – was not kept.

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PLAN: Pressing Liberal Agendas on Nevada

PLAN has ranked Nevada’s elected officials. The average grade is a D. Here’s the full story.

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Ralstonian Math Dissed

ALEC – the American Legislative Exchange Council – has released a new study that completely discounts the Ralstonian math oft cited by socialists who want more government and less private sector.

Here’s the complete study, and here are some important highlights:

Bigger government damages a state’s economy.
Nevada’s tax structure is generally good for the economy because it offloads a good chunk of the cost of running government onto tourists and companies who cater to tourists (who merely pass their tax burden onto their tourist customers).
Nevada ranks medium …

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New Report Has California Left Advocating Even Higher Taxes

So-called “progressives” are fond of rebuking critics of their fascist ideas by suggesting they are all wealthy people or their advocates, complaining that they don’t want to pay more taxes. And of course, the mainstream media generally trots right along, since it is dominated by “progressives.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, understand that you cannot tax wealthy people, business owners, or businesses. Their positions of success gives them the ability to shift the cost of higher taxes onto others – either their employees (by not granting …

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Local Governments Exaggerate Growth

New census data says Southern Nevada local governments have exaggerated their growth to the tune of about three years worth of our current growth rate.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports the story…

The Census Bureau says the Metro area hit 1.866-million last June 30, vs. local government estimates (passed up to the State Demographer before becoming “official”) that had us at just under 2-million. The difference is more than six percent, equal to three years of our current pace of 2% annual growth.

Cities and Counties in …

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Raining Californians Again

The eight states north and east of California are preparing themselves for new record levels of fleeing Californians.

In response to having spent all of their substantial take from taxpayers, a coalition of 76 Democrats and 6 Republicans today passed a $13-billion tax hike. Nevada political pundits jealously coveted the plan’s “stable tax structure.”

The tax hikes include a full percent increase in sales tax, increasing the state income tax to 14%, and doubling car registration fees. The tax hike packages is about 65% the size of …

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Short Tempers So Soon?

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Bill Raggio has taken Assemblyman Ed Goedhart to task over Goedhart’s failing to support the Raggio’s tax hike agenda, saying he should be more straightforward.

A closed mind will not help us reach the compromises that, whether you accept it or not, are part of the legislative process.

In the future, if you want to give me a message or talk with me, be a man…

Raggio won a GOP primary against Sharron Angle last year on his promise to not raise …

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Bad Day To Be Jim Rogers

An immense amount of planning and forethought has been invested by Jim Rogers in convincing Nevadans that our government has been already cut to the bone. No, beyond! Any more will destroy the state!

It’s gotta hurt, then, to wake up and read the Nevada Controller’s legally-mandated report on actual taxing and spending. Last fiscal year, state government spending increased 4.5% (although revenue “plummeted” by 2%).

We start with a media account of the critical 2008 CAFR. The actual CAFR will follow in a few days.

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Dr. Parker Continues the Debate

UNR professor Elliot Parker makes a six-figure income to teach and write. Lately, he’s been writing about how chintzy Nevadans are in funding their state and local governments (including his own salary).

Me, well, I’m now a volunteer. But a game volunteer.

Just to catch everyone up, Parker wrote a column for the Las Vegas Sun here, which I believe was deceptive by quoting some parts, but leaving out the most important parts, of studies by such esteemed sources as the US Census Bureau and the …

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Nevada Government Economist Tells Half Truths

This morning’s Las Vegas Sun featured a guest column from state government economist Elliot Parker. In his column, Parker lays out his case for more tax hikes, which will be required to hire more government employees and give them higher wages. You can read his column here.

Parker’s column essentially says Nevada’s people have been terribly chinzy when it comes to funding government, particularly as compared to other states. It would be a mistake, he implies, to not raise taxes and further expand government.

As an economist, …

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