Faux Draught Foes Drowned Out

A cynic might say the head of the Southern Nevada Water Authority has engineered a big rise in the water levels of reservoirs upstream from Lake Mead in order to preserve the appearance of extended draught for short-sighted Las Vegans. Her motive would be to create public support for her environmentally- and taxpayer-destructive plan to drain water basins hundreds of miles north of Las Vegas, which would allow her to spend billions of construction dollars and collect political patronage like iron filings to a magnet.

Here’s …

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Great Article On Southern Nevada Water

Never mind that for the second year in a row, snowpack feeding the upper Colorado River is over 100% of normal, Bloomberg News has penned a comprehensive article about water drought in the Southwestern United States. It’s the first mention in the mainstream media of the immense wealth held by the Southern Nevada Water Authority:

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is about halfway through a 30-year, $8.3 billion construction campaign. Last year, 57 percent of the money for it came from a $6,310 fee to hook …

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Water Usage – and Population? – Down in 2008

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports a 4% decrease in water consumption for southern Nevada so far this year – and a possible decrease in our official population as well.

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Las Vegas Springs Preserve A Costly Project

The Las Vegas Review Journal ran a story this morning about the failure (at least so far) of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

The article outlines how the Preserve has failed to achieve ticket sales forecasts, and how Las Vegas water ratepayers are having to subsidize its ongoing operations.

So far, taxpayers have spent $235-million putting it together (the state museum is still under construction). In the one year it has been open, just over 200,000 people have been onto the grounds. Dividing the cost into the …

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