WSJ: Sometimes Even The Journal Gets It Wrong

From the Wall Street Journal article titled: “States Take Aim At Medicaid”

Some states have capped enrollment, cut benefits and slashed services that aren’t specifically required by the federal government, such as home care for the disabled and vision and dental care. Others such as Nevada, with already-lean Medicaid programs, have resorted to across-the-board cuts in payments to hospitals and doctors. As it stands now, the stimulus legislation would require states to retain or restore Medicaid eligibility levels to those of July 1, 2008, but it …

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Housing Authority Overhead Detailed

Nearly 250 bureaucrats make great livings in Southern Nevada helping people who are down-and-out get free or reduced rent from the government. There’s talk of trying to consolidate multiple agencies, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

It sure does seem like if you ask the government to do something, the largest possible percentage always gets skimmed off the top.

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Food Stamp Fraud On The Rise?

Michigan, Oregon, California, Oklahoma, and those are just in the first two weeks of 2009.

Here’s the website for Nevada’s food stamp fraud police.

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Search Section 8 Housing Near You

This internet entrepreneur has created a website to allow welfare recipients to easily browse subsidized housing from the convenience of their living room computers.

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Medicaid: Ranking Nevada Amongst States

“Public Citizen” is a Washington-based advocacy group that values expanding Medicaid at the expense of higher taxes.

Here is their recent study ranking Nevada 40th in terms of Medicaid spending.

Another Medicaid expansion advocate, the Kaiser Foundation, finds Nevada’s overall Medicaid spending per enrollee ranks us 37th.

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Welfare Moms Have More Babies

Thanks to Michigan Econ Professor Mark Perry for pointing out a new US Census Bureau study that finds women on welfare have three times more babies as women not on welfare, proportionately.

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Medicaid Mistakes Cost Dearly

Here’s the Legislative Counsel Bureau audit report detailing how Nevada’s Medicaid bureaucrats over-paid and/or mis-paid over $30-million of your money.

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Senior RX

Senior RX is a program that started in 2001 that pays up to $5,000 per year in pharmacy costs for Nevadans older than 62 who earn 250% to 300% of the federal poverty guidelines. It is paid 100% from state funding with no federal match.

Eligibility for this program was confused when the federal government expanded Medicare pharmaceutical coverage in the mid-2000’s. Consequently, this program has no waiting list.

Here is Senior RX’s homepage.

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S-CHIP is the acronym for State Childrens’ Health Insurance Program. It started in 1998. This is a federally mandated program whereby children get health insurance if their family income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level. Currently for a family of six, this is $56,800 per year. Only “reported” income counts – as with all welfare programs, income earned in the underground economy is not included in determining eligibility.

The federal taxes pays two-thirds of the cost while state taxes pay one-third of the …

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