State Archivist Departs Urging Tax Shift From Tourists To Residents

Nevada’s State Archivist Guy Rocha made the front page of the newspaper with news of his retirement. He offered, in addition to his usual ability to fascinate with his command of Nevada history, some political views. For example:

“I find it disturbing this state that has essentially been my life is, in my opinion, on the brink of disaster. You can’t cut 34 percent or more without devastating state government”… Rocha fears legislators in the coming session will cut state spending so severely that it might …

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Nevada Population Growth Slows

Although you’ll still hear about how our top-ranked population growth requires more and more government, Nevada’s growth has slowed.

New Census Bureau estimates say seven states have growth rates faster than Nevada’s.

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US Foreclosure Rate Down!?!?

Professor Mark J. Perry notes that if you take out the FIVE worst states: AZ, CA, FL, NV and MICHIGAN, foreclosures were DOWN by -1.10% in November compared to November 2007 for the other 45 states and D.C.

Interesting graph, too… Nevada is the blue line.

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Imaginary Budget Cuts

When a Nevada political leader tells you that we’re facing 30% budget cuts, you can be sure that they are an employee, contractor or other direct beneficiary of government spending. Because it’s just not true.

Here’s a great post from NPRI showing the reality of Nevada’s taxes, including the latest projection:








% Change







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Water Usage – and Population? – Down in 2008

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports a 4% decrease in water consumption for southern Nevada so far this year – and a possible decrease in our official population as well.

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October 08 Economy In Brief

The Nevada Employment Security Department today published the October 2008 “Economy in Brief” and it is available online. Amongst this issue’s most fascinating statistics: Nevada’s personal income growth rate has been cut in half since the record 2003 tax hikes and 2005 increase in minimum wage.

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September Sales Tax Collections Down

Compared to a year ago, September sales tax collections were off more than five percent, a continuing indicator that Nevadans are either fewer than they were one year ago and/or have stopped spending as much money per person.

Coverage from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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Harvard: The Age of Friedman

Here’s a must-read paper published by Harvard.

The last quarter century has witnessed remarkable progress of mankind. The world’s per capita inflation-adjusted income rose from $5400 in 1980 to $8500 in 2005.Schooling and life expectancy grew rapidly, while infant mortality and poverty fell just asfast. Compared to 1980, many more countries in the world are democratic today.

The last quarter century also saw wide acceptance of free market policies in both rich and poor countries: from private ownership, to free trade, to responsible budgets, to lower taxes. …

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Global Economic Impact

This has little to do with Nevada – it’s global and worldwide. But it sure is cool.

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Census Data On Nevada

Here is the US Census Bureau’s 2005 “American Fact Finder“.

Some nuggets:

We have a very young median age (43rd in median age, 41st in percentage over 65)
We are below average for grandparents taking care of their grandchildren.
Below average in children living in poverty
Below average (but nowhere near the bottom) in percent completing high school.
Average for earnings by full-time, year-round females
Above average household income (17th of 51)
Fourth highest in percentage of people who don’t speak English well.

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