WSJ: Sometimes Even The Journal Gets It Wrong

From the Wall Street Journal article titled: “States Take Aim At Medicaid”

Some states have capped enrollment, cut benefits and slashed services that aren’t specifically required by the federal government, such as home care for the disabled and vision and dental care. Others such as Nevada, with already-lean Medicaid programs, have resorted to across-the-board cuts in payments to hospitals and doctors. As it stands now, the stimulus legislation would require states to retain or restore Medicaid eligibility levels to those of July 1, 2008, but it …

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Medicaid: Ranking Nevada Amongst States

“Public Citizen” is a Washington-based advocacy group that values expanding Medicaid at the expense of higher taxes.

Here is their recent study ranking Nevada 40th in terms of Medicaid spending.

Another Medicaid expansion advocate, the Kaiser Foundation, finds Nevada’s overall Medicaid spending per enrollee ranks us 37th.

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Medicaid Mistakes Cost Dearly

Here’s the Legislative Counsel Bureau audit report detailing how Nevada’s Medicaid bureaucrats over-paid and/or mis-paid over $30-million of your money.

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