Renewable Energy Portfolio Mandate

Nevada’s legislature has mandated that Nevadans purchase more expensive “renewable” energy. Our utility companies are complying, although full compliance is years away. Although mandated under color of the law, the extra amounts Nevadans pay for the mandate is not technically a “tax.”

No one has been able to calculate exactly how much more the typical Nevada family pays in their power bill for this mandate, but everyone agrees costs have been increased, and will continue to be increased even more as the legislature’s goal is pursued.

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Cost of Being Green

Clark County’s government is flush enough to pay 50% more for its fleet of cars so that they may burn cleaner fuel. How much extra should taxpayers pay in order to put our governments out there on the edge of energy technology?

After the 2006 election, lame duck Governor Kenny Guinn ordered that all copy paper used in 2007 and later would be required to have an unusually high percentage of recycled paper, at cost of about 50% more than normal paper. Governor Gibbons reversed the …

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