Nevada Government Pay Sixth Highest

Driven by the highest local government (cities, counties) pay in the United States and moderated by less lucrative state-level worker pay, Nevada overall ranks sixth-highest government worker pay in a new study by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

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Government Unions Distort Facts in RJ Ad

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This Sunday, page 5B of the Review Journal was a full-page ad, paid for by a consortium of local government unions apparently stung by the growing public awareness of how they pillage taxpayers. Bear in mind – no actual government workers were involved in the ad, just the government unions.

The five highest-paid Chamber employees are compared with two high-paid (not highest) government employees and three average pay figures.

The ad pitches more money and benefits for government union members by suggesting …

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Raise revenue or cut costs?

Advance word about the next two-year state budget that Governor Gibbons will propose to the Legislature next week is that it holds true to his promise to not raise taxes. In order to accomplish that, he will propose a pay cut for state employees equal to more than two thirds of the average 2008 state worker pay hike. Details here at the Review Journal.

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Dr. Parker Continues the Debate

UNR professor Elliot Parker makes a six-figure income to teach and write. Lately, he’s been writing about how chintzy Nevadans are in funding their state and local governments (including his own salary).

Me, well, I’m now a volunteer. But a game volunteer.

Just to catch everyone up, Parker wrote a column for the Las Vegas Sun here, which I believe was deceptive by quoting some parts, but leaving out the most important parts, of studies by such esteemed sources as the US Census Bureau and the …

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Government Pay Raises Detailed

Over at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Geoffrey Lawrence has put together an article detailing two of the three routine kinds of pay raises enjoyed by government employees in Nevada.

The first are step increases, which are the subject of union bargaining and thus can vary from the 4.5% that Lawrence describes.

The second are COLAs, an acronym for Cost of Living Adjustment.

These two pay hike types, as Lawrence notes, are awarded regardless of job performance, and typically will cause starting pay to triple over the first …

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SAGE Commission: Employee Costs Exorbitant

Nevada Taxpayers could save more than a half-billion over the next five years by adjusting retirement and benefit costs closer to those of the private sector, according to a bi-partisan efficiency panel appointed by Governor Jim Gibbons..

The Nevada Spending and Government Efficiency Commission said in a new report that the salaries paid to state workers are similar to equivalent positions in the private sector. Commission Chairman Bruce James said, however, that the insurance and retirement benefits offered to state employees “exceeded the Nevada private sector …

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Judge Pay Raises Lift Them Into Top-10 Salary States

Although the Nevada Legislature has met in special session to trim the budget twice so far this year, Nevada’s judges are still going to get a whopper of a raise next week.

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Nevada Government Economist Tells Half Truths

This morning’s Las Vegas Sun featured a guest column from state government economist Elliot Parker. In his column, Parker lays out his case for more tax hikes, which will be required to hire more government employees and give them higher wages. You can read his column here.

Parker’s column essentially says Nevada’s people have been terribly chinzy when it comes to funding government, particularly as compared to other states. It would be a mistake, he implies, to not raise taxes and further expand government.

As an economist, …

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Their Gain Is Our Loss

Nevada government unions are getting militant against their employer.

The “wicked profiteer” they work for finds revenue falling.

Why, their cruel taskmaster exploiter is even talking about avoiding layoffs by not giving them raises.

“We’ll sue,” their elected and well-paid leaders threaten.

Are there any dues-paying government union members who are not embarrassed by their union’s behavior? This isn’t turn-of-the-century labor action against selfish capitalists! This is modern, selfish labor action against struggling, taxpaying Nevada families, who are already not doing as well as government employees.

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Revisiting public workers’ pay

Local government unions are being asked to voluntarily reduce pay levels – or face layoffs.

Clark County officials, led by Commission Chairman Rory Reid, met with leaders of the Service Employees International Union and the police and fire unions Thursday to deliver the grim news. Expenses are outpacing revenues, Reid said. Thus, current labor costs are simply unsustainable, he said.

The three unions represent 12,000 workers, and their leaders bristled.

“A meeting like we had has never been seen,” Reid said later. Prior to this week, reopening contracts …

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