Local Governments Exaggerate Growth

New census data says Southern Nevada local governments have exaggerated their growth to the tune of about three years worth of our current growth rate.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports the story…

The Census Bureau says the Metro area hit 1.866-million last June 30, vs. local government estimates (passed up to the State Demographer before becoming “official”) that had us at just under 2-million. The difference is more than six percent, equal to three years of our current pace of 2% annual growth.

Cities and Counties in …

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Promoting Volunteerism

Nothing promotes volunteerism like paying kids to volunteer, no matter how much you drive your grandchildren into debt to do it.

A definition of volunteerism George Orwell himself might have thought up…

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RINOs + Ink-Stained Hands = Really Angry

Bill Raggio, who calls people who don’t want to hike taxes “John Birchers”, is furious. So are all of Nevada’s political media employees.

Governor Gibbons has kept all his promises – he deferred to a vote of the people on a tax hike but refused to actually sign the bill. Tax hikers – the usual gang who believes there’s just never enough government – had been counting on his signature as part of their political cover. “See,” they were planning on explaining to angry constituents, “even …

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Gibbons: Not So Fast, Feds

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons is reportedly questioning the wisdom of Nevada grabbing it’s ankles to receive the full thrust of ObPeRe‘s stimulus package.

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