The War On Short Yellows

The trend for governments to install red-light traffic cameras – which automatically write tickets to cars that are in an intersection when the light turns red – then shorten up the length of the yellow light seems to be generating a backlash.

It may be all about jacking up fine monies to the governments, but it’s about fair play to the public. The Wall Street Journal reports on the trend…

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Poor Reporting By Associated Press

An Associated Press Wire Story that ran in today’s Review Journal and Reno Gazette Journal (read it here) is an example of embarrassingly bad journalism. It states, over and over again, that Nevada has the worst budget deficit in the United States.

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Area 51 Unwrapped

Great article about a large, non-existent area of central Nevada…

Millions of X-Files fans believe the truth may be “out there,” but more likely it’s concealed inside Area 51’s Strangelove-esque hangars—buildings that, though confirmed by Google Earth, the government refuses to acknowledge.

The problem is the myths of Area 51 are hard to dispute if no one can speak on the record about what actually happened there. Well, now, for the first time, someone is ready to talk—in fact, five men are, and their stories rival the …

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How Bad Is Nevada’s Tax Shortfall?

Worst in the nation, Jon Ralston flashed his audience today, citing the Wall Street Journal:

If you don’t believe what I and others have been saying about Nevada having the largest proportional budget hole, The Wall Street Journal says it’s true – just click on the map

The Journal’s article and chart actually rank Nevada’s tax shortfall as relatively mild, compared to many other states… at 6.5-percent, 16 states have a worse revenue shortfall than we do.

The data does rank Nevada’s legislature as one of the most …

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Go Gov!

We recently had occasion to check out the new Open Government website from Governor Gibbons. I could spend hours here!

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We’ve Got To Raise Spending In Order To Cut It

Great Review Journal editorial today:

…despite the fact both population growth and school enrollments have leveled off — even the “maintain services at current levels” spending Carson City Democrats apparently consider “as low as they’ll go” represents 17 percent more spending than the budget enacted by the Legislature two years ago — 26 percent more than actual spending of about $6.3 billion.

For months, the bureaucrats and Democratic legislators have been making a show of tearing their hair, weeping and moaning about “cuts,” lambasting Gov. Gibbons for …

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Not To Pick On UNR…

But the Reno Gazette Journal has put together some great information on Nevada’s northern campus. 16% of UNR’s total payroll cost taxpayers half of all the salary money spent. A higher percentage of employees make over $100,000 per year than almost any other governmental institution in the state.

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