Salary Cuts at NSHE Actually Hikes

One of the most piercing of all sounds emitted by government is the collective shriek of the workforce at the Nevada System of Higher Education. They claim they’re actually having to take pay cuts as a result of Nevada’s shrinking population (and tax revenue).

While someday it might be true, it doesn’t appear to be true heading into the spring of 2010.

Most everyone agrees that the professors and teaching staff are enjoying a healthy increase in their income this year. It’s the “classified” staff that’s gaining …

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Delay of Game

UNLV officials strutted their stuff about town tonight. They were smug since they succeeded in hushing down plans to invest $14-million into a new “practice” facility for the basketball team until the Legislature finished its special session on how to deal with tax revenue falling short of targets.

The UNLV student government members who spent University dollars driving to and shacking up in Carson City to plead poverty at the Legislature must be terribly embarrassed.

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