UNLV Diversity Office Very Expensive

So, folks, here’s the bone.

UNLV’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion is paid $163,000 per year. Tack on 30% in benefits, and you’re over $200,000. And that probably doesn’t include her government car. And she’s got a staff of three or four and a travel budget. To do what?

The Las Vegas Sun’s search engine offers several thoughts, but the first story that comes up suggests that “diversity” means applicants who don’t meet academic admission standards should be admitted anyway, if Dr. Clark approves of their race:

…taking race into account in admissions would be an appropriate way to increase diversity — if only Nevadans were ready for that.

“I would like for us to consider race, but I do not think there is support for that in Nevada at the moment,” said Christine Clark, vice president for diversity and inclusion at UNLV.

The second story makes it clear that the wasteful effort is Chancellor Jim Rogers’ idea:

University system Chancellor Jim Rogers in December 2005 mandated the position, which had been a matter of contention with then-President Carol Harter. They quarreled about the need for the position and the job description.

Another newspaper story starts out:

UNLV and UNR administrators are flummoxed, trying to improve their campuses’ reputations by raising academic standards without undermining campus diversity.

Campus diversity, at the expense of raising academic standards, is costing students and taxpayers a quarter-million dollars per year.

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