UNLV vs. Rutgers

Here is an excellent article by the chair of UNLV’s Faculty Senate. Dr. Nasser Daneshvary responds to a social work professor who wrote a series of Sunday opinion articles portraying a dismal state of affairs and even darker future – unless Chancellor Jim Rogers gets his way and raises taxes.

Dr. Daneshvary agrees that UNLV is severely underfunded, but nevertheless has some shining areas of excellence.

  • Enrollment appears to be increasing in key areas.
  • Entrance standards were raised to a 3.0 high school GPA this fall.
  • UNLV was the 4th fastest growing university in America in research output, during a time when the top-200 universities were flat or declining.
  • UNLV is top-ranked in advertising research.

Mostly, he correctly notes, UNLV is only 50 years old – compared with Rutgers, which is pushing 250 years old. Rutgers was the comparison institution in the dark portrait painted by the social work professor.

I believe UNLV will continue to be underfunded as long it depends so heavily on state taxpayers. Rutgers, for example, only gets 25% of its funding from New Jersey state taxpayers where UNLV gets 44% of its funding (including capital) from Nevada state taxpayers.

Of course, for some, Nevada families will never pay enough taxes. Some people will always think UNLV underfunded, just as some people today say Rutgers is underfunded.

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