Deceptive Statistics Alert

Local opinion columnist Geoff Schumacher wrote in today’s Review Journal that Nevadans should pay more taxes:

Lawmakers shouldn’t be scared to death of raising taxes. Nevada’s tax burden is the nation’s second lowest, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. This sound sgreat on the surface but it crassly ignores the significant social costs. Idealogues aside, most Nevadans understand that maintaining the many facets of a decent state requires adequate funding.

Indeed, the Tax Foundation is nonpartisan, and did find Nevadans’ tax burden is the nation’s second lowest. But it also found that our tax extraction from non-residents is amongst the nation’s highest, and, most importantly, that our state and local government spending (including what Nevadans and non-Nevadans are required to pay) ranks 25th amongst all states. Indeed, our state and local funding is already adequate.

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