You Can Lead A Professor To Information, But…

A UNR professor named Eliott Parker has emerged as the latest advocate of raising taxes rather than keeping spending flat or slightly reduced.  Over the past month, he’s published advocacy essays in the Las Vegas Sun, while I’ve posted rebuttals both in the Las Vegas Review Journal and online at

In Dr. Parker’s latest, he offers this bit of contradictory testimony:

Regarding how our state and university benefits compare to those of other states, I don’t yet have a consistent set of data on this, but I will look for one. If Senator Beers has one, I would appreciate him sharing it with me. I do know that we compete in a national marketplace, and our benefits are reasonably competitive but not any more than that.

So he doesn’t have a “consistent set of data.” Yet he is comfortable stating that our benefits are average.

Fortunately for all students of Nevada state and local government, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce published this report some months ago, which found:

  • Nevada state and local retirement plan benefit payments are in the top five of all states (p. 37 & 38)
  • Nevada is one of only six states that allow employees to not pay 6.2% of their gross pay to social security (p. 34 & throughout)
  • Nevada’s local government and school employees in Clark and Washoe County are the only ones in America who contribute nothing out of their paychecks toward their retirement (p. 33). All other government employees (and, of course, all private employees) in America contribute a portion of their pay.

It is almost beyond comprehension that Professor Parker could have missed this report in his research, but is a patient instructor.

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