Recent University System Spending

University Chancellor Jim Rogers’ grandstanding aside, the one-third reduction of taxpayer funding for Nevada’s system of higher education proposes to roll the clock back five or six years on spending.

Here’s the 2001 Appropriations Report, and the 2007 Appropriations Report. Together, they show student enrollment increase in the last six years was about 13.4% at UNR, and about 20.1% at UNLV.

They also show In 2002-03 the budget for UNLV, for example, was $140,300,576 (Ed Sect. web page 30). Six years later the legislatively approved budget was $270,250,842 (Ed Sect. web page 44), a whopping 92.6% increase.

The Gibbons proposal to prioritize government services and reduce NSHE tax proceeds by one third actually only reduces spending to around the same rate as enrollment growth.

I would blow my brains out if I thought this was going through,” said Jim Rogers, apparently aching to take the place of Samuel Clemens in Nevada’s storied history.

Below is the University system spending since FY02:

Year Total Spending General Fund Spending
2001-02 $495,831,297 $346,845,022 (p.31)
2002-03 $530,804,136 $370,593,608 (p.31)
2003-04 $623,544,443 $482,655,305
2004-05 $660,235,771 $506,746,590
2005-06 $734,687,365 $557,374,664
2006-07 $792,195,555 $591,813,068
2007-08 $837,905,664 $639,293,540 (p.45)
2008-09 $912,423,319 $677,091,932 (p. 45)

Now, the Governor is proposing to reduce total spending down to a level that’s still higher than 2003/2004.

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