Poor Reporting By Associated Press

An Associated Press Wire Story that ran in today’s Review Journal and Reno Gazette Journal (read it here) is an example of embarrassingly bad journalism. It states, over and over again, that Nevada has the worst budget deficit in the United States, quoting:

  • Proud socialists PLAN in Reno
  • even prouder socialists Center for Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington
  • Two democrat Nevada Assemblymen

as saying the Nevada has the largest budget deficit of any US state.

Paragraph three does, correctly, yet briefly, note that the gap is calculated by comparing revenue forecasts with what government thinks it needs.

In Nevada’s case, the legislature is planning to increase spending to a level 20% higher than our current revenue.

Meanwhile, our revenue is going to be around 10% less than current levels. 20% more plus 10% less equals a 30% budget gap, America’s largest.

Nevada has the largest budget gap because Nevada has the most unrestrained, irresponsible legislature of any state.

Here’s a reality-based look at Nevada’s actual revenue shortfall – sixteen states have it worse than us.

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