New Report Has California Left Advocating Even Higher Taxes

So-called “progressives” are fond of rebuking critics of their fascist ideas by suggesting they are all wealthy people or their advocates, complaining that they don’t want to pay more taxes. And of course, the mainstream media generally trots right along, since it is dominated by “progressives.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, understand that you cannot tax wealthy people, business owners, or businesses. Their positions of success gives them the ability to shift the cost of higher taxes onto others – either their employees (by not granting as large a pay raise, or moderating benefits, when it’s time to counter inflationary creep) or their customers (by raising prices) or their renters (by raising rents) or… well, anyone but themselves.

At the end of the day, the cost of tax hikes are borne by people who can least afford it.

Conservatives understand that.

So it’s a surprise only to California’s “progressives” that low and middle income people are leaving California faster than high income people (although all categories are leaving almost as fast as new rubes move in from foreign countries, folks who apparently are making their migration decision on the basis of a thirty-year-old marketing brochure). Here’s a sample of the news coverage – from the newspaper in California’s far-gone state capital…

The states without personal income taxes, such as Texas, Nevada and Florida, are the most likely destinations for high-income families and individuals leaving California. However, those states are also among the most frequent destinations of low-income families as well.

Strangely, California’s “progressives” are reacting to the news as if they are vindicated – it’s okay to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to help the lower and middle class after all, they say.

Ironically, the Las Vegas Review Journal ran a letter to the editor on the same day that this news broke from a woman who noted that her and her family’s favorite fast food breakfast went up in price by one third the same day the Nevada Legislature’s latest record tax hikes AND the minimum wage hike went up.

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