RINOs + Ink-Stained Hands = Really Angry

Bill Raggio, who calls people who don’t want to hike taxes “John Birchers”, is furious. So are all of Nevada’s political media employees.

Governor Gibbons has kept all his promises – he deferred to a vote of the people on a tax hike but refused to actually sign the bill. Tax hikers – the usual gang who believes there’s just never enough government – had been counting on his signature as part of their political cover. “See,” they were planning on explaining to angry constituents, “even …

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2007 State of Nevada’s Economy

Here’s the December 2007 Nevada Economy In Brief.


At the beginning of the year, Government represented 12.02% of Nevada’s jobs.
Although it is just a small portion of overall jobs, it provided 69% of the new jobs created during 2007.
Nevada added 5,800 government jobs and 2,600 private-sector jobs during 2007.
Statewide, government jobs paid the highest average wages, beating construction and mining, high tech and medicine.

These numbers are on page 3 of the Economy In Brief. Subsequent pages break out individual cities and counties. Most of the government …

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